One of the really cool things about the IWA East Coast show was that I ran into my old buddy, Danny Boyd. I’ve known Danny for more than twenty years. In fact, I was one of his first film students at West Virginia State back in the long-ago 80s. Danny, of course, is the legendary local film maker of “Chillers”, “Strangest Dreams” and “Paradise Park”.

Danny was into wrestling long before I was, and even cast the great Dusty Rhodes in “Paradise Park”. So seeing him at a wrestling show was no shock.

I hadn’t seen Danny in years (I haven’t seen a lot of people in years), and seeing him reinforced my feeling that the IWA shows give off the modern-day version of the cool vibe I used to get at the Charleston Playhouse.

I almost expected to see Bob Gates sitting in the middle of all the mayhem, asleep, with a Black Label in his hand.

But anyway, Danny was at the show working on a top secret project. I can’t say anything about it, but you can decipher what you will right here