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Song Of The Week: Professor Mike

Our SOTW this week is Professor Mike doing a cover of 311’s “Beautiful Disaster,” recorded at LiveMix Studio when Professor Mike came in to record their performance for episode six of Radio Free Charleston. They’re also going to be on part two of the Radio Free Charleston Halloween special, which will be online no later than Monday, October 30. On that show, you can also look forward to seeing a special unplugged performance from Guy Parker and Dirt Reynolds, half of The Pistol Whippers and a newly-created video for a 2006 remix of a song by legendary new wave band, Clownhole.

Speaking of Halloween, there are three big holiday-themed shows featuring the musical guests from our Halloween special taking place this Saturday, October 28. First up, The Concept, fresh from headlining the first half of our Halloween special, performs with Last Standing at an all ages show at The Alpine Theater in Ripley, beginning at 8 PM.

Meanwhile, Professor Mike will be playing with Ten Carp Lie at the Blue Parrot Halloween Party here in Charleston, starting at 10 PM. While across town, also at 10 PM, at the Empty Glass, it’s the Seventh Annual Halloween Hootenanny, hosted by The Pistol Whippers.

If I were still alive, I’d be burning up all the gas in my car driving between all three shows, but if you watched the first half of the Radio Free Charleston Halloween special, you’d have seen that I met a rather grisly demise. That’s led to some production delays in the second half of the Halloween special, but we’ll still get it to you before Halloween proper. Look for it by Monday here at the The

In case you’re wondering how I’m writing all this if I’m dead….I always write a couple of week’s worth of posts, just in case I’m tossed off a fire escape by an angry ghost. If you haven’t seen the first half of the Radio Free Charleston Halloween special, go watch it now! And remember….


  1. Anonymous


    Bob’s gonna be pissed when he sees that one. 😉

  2. J. R. "Bob" Dobbs

    Jesus and I were golfing together last month and I mentioned the show to him. Glad to see he’s watched it.

    He obviously told the Baptists.

  3. What R U Dew N

    While the Conspiracy is telling you “You gotta serve somebody”, Bob is saying “Serve yourself! Take as much slack as you want! It’s not a rare commodity! This planet is covered with it! You only need to know where to look!” And Bob Dobbs wants to be your guide, for as he said so himself, many years ago, “You can give a man a fish, and you’ve fed him for a day, but teach a man to fish wallets, and you’ve fed him forever!”

    So what’s it going to be dear friends? A conspiracy recommended daily allowance of slack? Or a complete unadulterated, drown in your pleasures orgy-of-slack, where you , and ONLY you, say when you’ve had enough! The choice is yours dear friends, for as Dobbs so adroitly observed, “You can lead a man to slack, but you can’t make him drink it!” Here endeth the word of Bob, praise bob, amen.

  4. Anonymous

    Well it may be cool with Jesus and Bob, but you can bet the Baptists will have their panties in a bunch.

    And it won’t be from dancing. 😉

    Although RFC has a good beat and you can dance to it.



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