First off, a warning: This week’s SOTW is NOT “work safe.”

There are f-bombs galore, and you also run the risk of laughing so loudly that you disrupt the workplace.

Psycho Ex” is by Andy Prieboy. It’s the kickoff of “Andy Prieboy Week” here at PopCult, as I abuse the blog to promote one of my favorite, overlooked, creative people. You can download the song by right-clicking on the title and saving it, or you can go here to give it a listen while you read the lyrics.

“Psycho Ex” is a pop-operetta that tells of a particularly nasty break-up. This song is the basis for Prieboy’s novel, “The Psycho Ex Game,” co-authored with Merril Markoe, which I will be telling you about tomorrow.

In case you didn’t know, Prieboy is the singer who replaced Stan Ridgeway in Wall Of Voodoo, back in the mid-1980s. After Wall Of Voodoo split in 1990, he released a couple of incredible solo albums, the latter of which includes “Psycho Ex.” Of late, he’s been working on a musical called “White Trash Wins Lotto,” a fictionalized account of the beginnings of Guns N’ Roses. I’ll have more details on that, as well as bonus songs and more, later in the week.