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Song Of The Week: Three Bodies

This week’s SOTW is “Three Bodies” by the band of the same name. The Bodies were one of the top bands on the radio version of Radio Free Charleston, and this song is the third from the batch of four songs that I co-produced with the band and Spencer Elliott back in the summer of 1990. I”m told that this song is based on something that really happened to lead singer, Kris Cormandy. The photo on the left is a publicity shot that I did for the band around the same time. I shot in black and white, and colorized it just a few minutes ago. From top to bottom you see Kris Cormandy, Brian Young, and Brian Lucas. This photo was shot in our state capitol building, back when you could take a camera in there without being gang-tackled by a half-dozen security guards.

I picked this song this week because the latest episode of the BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW video version of Radio Free Charleston is online, and features a vintage video of Three Bodies performing “Shingles and Tar.” That was already a song of the week back in March, so this time I’ll give you the band’s “theme song.”

Be sure to check out the latest RFC, which also features Eduardo Canelon, Pentagram Flowerbox, and The Alien Threat. Plus there’s goofy dancing. Go to the Gazz TV page and explore.


  1. Longtime Listener

    Three songs by Three Bodies, and none of them is “The Trax”?

    That’s an oversight you need to fix. Come on, you posted “Shut Up I Love You” for Go Van Gogh.

    And since you’re digging that deep in the vault, when do we get some vintage Swivel Rockers, Mad Scientist Club, Brian Diller, Some Forgotten Color, Strawfish, and World Without Fear?

    Not all of us saved our tapes!

  2. Anonymous

    If you’re taking requests, how about Mother Nang, Crazy Jane, and The Todd Who? Project?

  3. Anonymous

    “…how about Mother Nang, Crazy Jane, and The Todd Who? Project? “

    Gee, how about Whiz Bucket, Clark Gable, Orsen Prang, and Twot Finger? Do you guys think you’re funny or what?

  4. Anonymous

    Isn`t that TOD guy dead?

  5. diggo

    that was cool to see and hear..
    was kris drunk when he had the duct tape on his face??

  6. Rt. Rev. John Q. Pubic, Esq.

    No the Todd Who guy is not dead – just out of the area. He tends to monitor the goings on here at the Gazz as he has posted in the past. One of his last posts essentially stated that it was all a fraud back then and it is now over and he is off defrauding others. Typical subGenius philosophy. Perhaps Brian or Stan could track him down. Would be great to see them again – if I recall they last played together as The Todd Who? Project in 1998 at the Empty Glass.

    Anyway, pass the Frop – Seek Slack – 13013.

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