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Song Of The Week: Two Watts Of Power

One of the featured bands on the next episode of Radio Free Charleston will be Two Watts Of Power, a collective of three artists who collaborate over the internet. Until recently none of them have met face-to-face, and two of them still haven’t met the third member.

Our SOTW is Pandora’s Box, by Two Watts Of Power. You can check out more music and video by these guys at their website, here. Their music can best be described as electronic montage, with synthesizer, guitar and drums blended with found vocals from a variety of sources.

The new Radio Free Charleston will be available here at tomorrow, and later today I’ll have detailed production notes. In addition to Two Watts Of Power, we’ll also have Professor Mike , the No Pants Players, and more! Professor Mike will be appearing live at the Sound Factory Friday night, and next week, our SOTW will be their cover of 311’s “Beautiful Disaster.”

Check back later today for the production notes.

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  1. Longtime Listener

    Two Watts….Twats? HEY! that’s not even remotely work-safe!

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