In honor of today’s date, 6-6-06, I’m going to bring you three truly evil songs this week. I hijacked these from April Winchell’s site, and if you like truly evil music, you should read the post above this one, and follow the links. These tunes get progressively more evil, so you should take care that these don’t corrupt your soul. Stroke a rosary or eat a chocolate cross, or whatever it is you do to ward off devils.

First up, we have something mildly evil. This is Donald Duck singing “Amazing Grace.” You can play this to drive evangelicals and other unwanted guests from your house. Pretty evil, huh? It’s nothing compared to our next burnt offering….

“Stairway To Heaven” would seem to be a heavenly song, not anything hellish. But you haven’t heard it played on Banjo and Tuba, have you? What could possibly be more evil than that?

How about Eminem? Sure, he’s evil–just look at him, but is he evil enough to be the Song of the Week on 6-6-06? He is if you team him up with one of the most evil forces on the planet–ragtime piano! Before you click on this, be warned that this uncensored slice of ragtime rap isn’t even remotely work safe. Here’s Eminem’s ragtime remix of “Without Me.”

The Devilish Veronica image is courtesy of artist Dan Parent. Go check out his site and buy some stuff.