The PopCulteer
October 23, 2020

Friday at 2 PM on The AIR we bring you the spooky 13th episode of MIRRORBALL, hosted by my lovely wife, Mel Larch. This frightening edition of MIRRORBALL debuts a week before Halloween Eve at 2 PM on The AIR. and that’s followed by two great encore epsodes of Sydney’s Big Electric Cat.  You can hear all this good stuff on The AIR website, or just click on this embedded radio player…

Since MIRRORBALL‘s 13th episode falls so close to Halloween, Mel Larch decided to put together a special episode filled with scary Disco hits. It turns out that was easier said than done, but we did finally pull together enough scary dancefloor hits (without resorting to playing “Thriller,” which isn’t really Disco) and you’ll be thrilled with the results. Check out the playlist:

C J & Co. “Devil’s Gun”
Hot Blood “Baby Frankie Stein”
Addrisi Brothers “Ghost Dancer”
The Vamps “Disco Blood”
Champs Boys Orchestra “Tubular Bells”
David Shire “Night On Disco Mountain”
Cerrone “Supernature”
Hot Blood “Soul Dracula”
Walter Murphy “Toccata and Funk in D Minor”
Manhatan Transfer “Twilight Zone/Twilight Tone”

You can tune in at 2 PM (Eastern time) and hear the latest edition of MIRRORBALL. The plan is to drop a new episode roughly every other Friday afternoon, until Mel gets tired of doing it, or people stop listening.  MIRRORBALL will also be replayed Friday night at 10 PM, Saturday at 7 PM (part of a mini-marathon), Sunday at 11 PM and Tuesday at 1 PM. We’ll probably sneak in a few more airings during the week.

This is the first year that we’re not making a big deal out of Halloween on The AIR. This episode of MIRRORBALL is the only new Halloween program we’re creating for 2020. Basically, 2020 has been such a horror show that I’m already pretty sick of all the terror and scariness. Maybe I’ll regain my enthusiasm for all things macabre and gloomy after we’re not dealing with a global plague anymore.

We will bring you encores of some of our Halloween specials from previous years next Friday and Saturday, and I’ll run a Halloween edition of The RFC Flashback tomorow and on October 31, but except for that, I’m ignoring the holiday this year.

I’m ready for Christmas. If things go well the week after Halloween, I may put my tree up on November 4. This year Christmas has a special meaning. It means that there’s only one week left in this god-forsaken mess of a year.