This week we go back to October, 2014, for our most recent elaborate Radio Free Charleston Halloween Special. This is a bit of a preview for next week, where the plan is to gather all of our Halloween shows and videos into one big playlist and embed it in this space.

But for this show, which was shot at Mark Wolfe’s old house, I gathered some friends together and we did a framing skit with a Ouija board, and summoned up Mark also directed the host segments which featured me, Mark, Penny Maple, Kitty Killton and Mic Bradford. Our music is courtesy of The Jasons, Radio Cult, HARRAH and The Possum KIngdom Ramblers. Plus we have some quick and sloppy animation from yours truly.

You can read the detailed original production notes HERE, and come back next week for several hours worth of locally-produced Halloween tomfoolery.