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If you are downtown Wednesday afternoon and want to hear some exciting new music, then you should head to Kanawha United Presbyterian Church, where, at Noon, Kanawha Forum presents a free concert by The Terra Firma Ensemble. The ensemble includes Ryan Kennedy, Dave Porter, Scott Milam, Lisa Peery, John Inghram and Jim Lange. They will be performing the music of Ralph Towner, Robert Fripp and they will premiere a new piece by Jim Lange.

The music for the Kanawha Forum is always around 25 minutes. The concert is free, but the lunch afterwards is not. It’s $10 for what, I’m told, is a fine gourmet meal. You don’t have to buy the meal to listen to the music.

The graphic above has nothing to do with the band or the Kanawha Forum, but it looked cool, so I tossed it in as a bonus.