10003308_10203227970769446_925454117_nI didn’t mean to take a week to get around to posting the second half of our photo essay devoted the “Zombie Horde at Yellow Jacket Creek” diorama tribute to The Walking Dead, but things have been hopping at PopCult central, and we’re just getting caught up.

To recap, one of the most striking features of the JoeLanta GI Joe convention in Atlanta last month was a gigantic tribute to The Walking Dead, “Zombie Horde at Yellow Jacket Creek,” a huge diorama built by Mike Gardner was loaded with tons of custom action figures, plus scenary, vehicles, a highway overpass and lots and lots of walking dead folks, plus an explosion, this awesome diorama measured eight by eight feet, and stood almost eight feet high in places.

This week we are going to pick up where we left off, just past Michonne beheading a zombie (see last week’s PopCult Toybox), and we will rotate, clockwise, around the diorama where we will find Carl, Hershel, Daryl, Rick, The Governor and a few surprises.

We’re not quite done yet with this diorama. If we’re lucky, you will get to see one last JoeLanta video this weekend. Now, on with the pictures…

We rejoin the diorama looking down at Carl and Hershel.

We rejoin the diorama looking down at Carl and Hershel.


A closer look


Daryl’s under the highway, with friends


Well, maybe “friends” is a strong word


Elsewhere, under the highway…


Rick takes out a Zombie as he explains that his daddy-in-law makes salmon


More dead fellers

Hey, what are those Zombies looking at?

Hey, what are those Zombies looking at?


Oh yeah, there’s that sportscar exploding on the highway


Stop, drop and roll. Maybe don’t drop that far.


“Fire bad!”


Don’t get too “tired.” Yuk, Yuk..get it?

We now check out the upper level of the highway

We now check out the upper level of the highway


Just past the exploding car, we find a Zombieland gag and a D.O.B in-joke.


What made that car explode, anyway?


Oh, hello Governor. Is that an anti-tank gun you’re holding?


Looks like it did the trick


More of the zombies storming the truck


And the poor chumps stuck in the back of it.


Merle don’t take no crap from no walkers!


We leave you with one last look at the smiling faces of “Zombie Horde at Yellow Creek”