Tonight we bring you two of my favorite episodes of Radio Free Charleston. Above you see our first April Fool’s Day show, from 2008, where we drove to Huntington and tried to pass off the scenes down there for places in Kanawha County. We also loaded the show with star power, with music from Paul Calicoat and Joe Slack, and guest appearances from Jerry “The King” Lawler and Eamon Hardiman. This is the episode where I sneeze and break the RFC bug, and we have to replace it with a gaudy animated one. It is also the debut of Marvin, the wonder pelt.

Below you see our 2011 April Fool’s show, which recycles basically the same joke, but instead of shooting our host segments in Charleston, we shot them in Washington D.C., on the National Mall. With music from Pepper Fandango, Mother Nang and Adrian DeQuiros, plus a Kitty Killton film, a childhood cartoon by my brother and lots of other April Fool’s goodness, this is an RFC classic.