At the top of the post you will find Radio Free Charleston number 132 from June, 2011. This was our last episode before we launched into our extensive coverage of FestivALL, which you will see unfold in this space over the next two months or so. This special pre-FestivALL episode included music from Wiley Sonic, The Voodoo Katz, and The Poor Taters, plus belly dancing from Jennifer Brooke Swanson, and animation by yours truly.

Host segments were shot on a sunny Sunday morning on Charleston’s historic East End in front of Glen Brogan’s then-new mural on the side of the Bluegrass Kitchen.

Jennifer was recorded on Capitol Street during a previous FestivALL. We caught up with Wiley Sonic at The Empty Glass, and recorded The VooDoo Katz at Haddad Riverfront Park. Finally the Poor Taters showed up courtesy of our old buddy, Jerry Fugaterecorded on a back porch somewhere in Putnam County, if I recall correctly.

You can find the originak production notes HERE.