Today’s entry in the 2010 PopCult Gift Guide is “And The Devil Makes Three,” the new CD by CROSSROADS.  That’s them in the clip at the top of this post, performing one of the songs from the CD. This collection of original soulful blues tunes makes a great gift for the music lover on your holiday list, and the band has had an interesting few months that make a great story to go along with it.

Just a few days after the above clip was recorded (for RFC 112), Jeff Mangus, the band’s lead singer and guitarist suffered a heart attack, and had to undergo open-heart surgery. The good news is that Jeff is on the mend and is doing so well that, just last Saturday, the band played at The Empty Glass.

The band’s official comeback performance is this Friday at Tomahawks in St. Albans. CROSSROADS will be playing from 9:30 PM until 11:30. The band, Jeff, Roy Graley and Chuck Brown (Kevin Yeager filled in for Roy in the clip above) will return with gusto.  It’s a safe bet that they’ll have their CD for sale at the show, but you can also order it directly or buy a download from the boys in the band at their website.