Today’s pick for the 2010 PopCult Gift Guide is a blast from the past-music on vinyl.  More than 20 years after its supposed death, the vinyl LP is on the rebound and if someone on your holiday gift list still has a working turntable, you can surprise them with a brand-new selection from a wide array of musical artists in the old 33 1/3 RPM format.

The Rolling Stones have released a pair of massive box sets of re-mastered vinyl editions of their albums, restored to their original packaging, complete with annotated new liner notes.  If you’ve got a Stones freak among your friends or family, this is the gift for them.

If you don’t want to spring for an entire box set, be advised that many of the recent Beatle re-issues are also available on vinyl.

Newer groups are in on the act, too.  Fistful of Mercy, a supergroup featuring Ben Harper and Dhani Harrison, have released their debut album on vinyl, as have RFC guests The Hellblinki Sextet and PopCult faves DEVO, whose “Something For Everyone” is available on nifty blue vinyl.

You’d be surprised how many current releases are available as vinyl records, a supposedly moribund format these days.  All you have to do is check Amazon or hit one of the online vinyl specialty retailers.