Longtime readers know that we here at PopCult are big fans of British singer/songwriter, Kate Bush. I’ve been posting videos and tributes for years. Tonight we bring you a fan edit that combines footage from various sources into a recreation of her entire set from her 1979 “Tour of Life.”

Originally released on video in truncated form as “Live at the Hammersmith Odeon,” this version cobbles together extra performances from the tour which have dribbled out over the years as DVD bonus cuts, outtakes or background video from interviews. Running nearly two hours, this is almost twice as long as the official release.

Kate did not mount a major live performance again for 35 years, when she finally returned for a sold-out two-week stand at London’s O2 Arena in 2014. That performance, “Before The Dawn,” has been released as a CD (you can buy it HERE), but as yet, there are no plans to release a video.

So this is your best chance to see Kate Bush perform live in your home, presented just a few weeks before the agelss songbird turns 60.