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Remembering Jerry


Word broke yesterday that Jerry Fugate, a fixture on the Charleston music scene, died at home sometime Thursday night or Friday morning. There were no signs of foul play and very few details  Many people are absolutely gutted over this. Jerry had touched so many lives that his loss will be felt far and wide. Everyone had their own stories of Jerry, and each person’s tale is just a tiny part of a jigsaw puzzle that made up this remarkable person.

Jerry was a nice guy. I mean, he was an unfailingly nice guy, to everyone. He was a musician, photographer, videographer, artist, wine expert, and really too many other things to list here, but above all, he was just one of the nicest guys you could ever hope to meet.

Jerry was one of the first people outside of the RFC and Livemix crew to work as a cameraman on Radio Free Charleston. He joined us for episode 23, the Feast of Stephen reunion special, where his excellent camera work was much-needed and added so much to the show. He also handled some of the interviews on that episode. Earlier, he’d appeared on episode 18, “Radio Free Parkerburg” performing a version of the RFC theme with his good friend, John Radcliff (that’s a frame grab at the right). I’m going to drop that show right here…

Jerry continued to contribute the show as a performer and cameraman, and was always a joy to work with. He was so supportive of everybody in the Charleston music scene, myself included, and Radio Free Charleston was a better show for his contributions. This is a real loss.

I’m writing this about an hour after finding out, and to be honest, I’m still at a loss for words. I would invite those who knew Jerry to please leave comments of your memories and stories and share what an incredible guy Jerry was. I’m afraid I’m not quite up to the job.


  1. Scott Johnson

    Truly heartbreaking. What a genuinely good man Jerry was. He leaves a big hole in a lot of people’s lives, including mine.

  2. Joe Vallina

    Jerry was not only one of my best friends, but he was everyone’s good friend. The world has lost a kind, spirited soul. We will miss you terribly, Jerry. Travel well, my friend.

  3. Jeff Haynes

    Playing some tunes for Jer at every open mic I can this week. I don’t know what else to do.

  4. Tim Brown

    Jer was one of the sweetest persons I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. A friend for life. I still can’t believe it. You will be missed more than words can tell. Be well my friend

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