Tonight PopCult presents a quick music video, looking back at the 2018 Marx Toy Convention, which was held June 14 and 15 at The Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum in Wheeling West Virginia. In just under four minutes you’ll see some of the cool toys on sale and the people buying them, and then the video culminates with the gathering of attendees for the annual group photo.

I hadn’t intended to make a full-blown video of the Marx Toy Convention this year, but I always have my camera on me, and everybody there wanted something to mark twenty years since the first Marx Toy Convention back in 1998, so I improvised. I hope you enjoy this quick video with bouncy music and some fun images.

In fact, there will be a second Marx Toys video coming later this week. Francis Turner graciously re-opened the Marx Toy Museum in nearby Moundsville, just while the convention was happening, and we will bring you and update on Big Loo. This will be a longer clip, so we’re taking our time to edit it right.

The reason I was hesitant to commit to making a video this year was because I knew my schedule was going to be crazy, and I wouldn’t have time to edit any videos until long after the event was over.

It’s been nearly a full month since the Marx Toy Convention took place, and I’m just now getting this online. Hopefully this week will allow me time to get back in the swing of things and post more about our trip to celebrate Marx Toys (look for a photo essay early in the week), and also tell you about our trip down South that ended up at the final Official GI Joe Collectors Convention in Chattanooga.

I’ve also got some amazing Johnny West figures to review, and other cool stuff to tell you about. Barring any unforeseen developments, PopCult should be hoppin’ this week.

I do feel the need to be a bit apologetic about taking so long to get this coverage posted here in PopCult. Between having two major toy trips in two weeks, and then dealing with paying work (ahem) and breaking news on Toys R Us closing and MEGO and Captain Action preparing to make comebacks, it’s been tricky budgeting my time so I can catch up. Bear with me, because I plan to be caught up with all this cool stuff in the next few days so I can cover all the new cool stuff coming out of San Diego next weekend.