This week we head back to August, 2011 for the one-hundred forty-third installment of Radio Free Charleston, “Naked Gumby Shirt.”  This episode departs from our usual formula by featuring three songs by the same band, Frenchy and the Punk.  We also have animation by Frank Panucci, and a short film by K.D. Lett.

At the time of this recording, Frenchy and The Punk had just recently changed their name from “The Gypsy Nomads,” which was the name they went by when they first appeared on the show. The band is still a going concern, recently successfuly Kickstarting their next album, “Hooray Beret,” and touring on a regular basis. In fact,t they’ll be in Pittsburgh next week.

I really enjoyed these folks, and even put them up at my house after a gig once. You can find the full production notes HERE for an explanation of the episode’s title, and a tirade about cloddish dancers getting in our way when we were recording bands.