We just have a short video this week, but it’s pretty striking. It’s also pretty disturbing and may well permanently scar the psyche of all but the most hardened of humans.

YouTube guy, Look Mum No Computer, has created something that manages to be cute, creepy, hideous, enthralling and repugnant, all at the same time.

He has created a musical organ using 44 Furbys (I’m not quite sure about the pluralization here. It may be “Furbies” or it may be “Furby.” It could possibly even be “Furbatim”). You may remember Furbys from the late 1990s as a hot toy that looked a lot like a pre-conversion Gremlin, but had the unique feature of interactivity and a sort of speech.

The truth is that the little electronic critters sold spectacularly well, then flamed out as their inherent creepiness and great ability to annoy became apparent. For a few years now Hasbro has attempted to revive this toy, an effort which seems to have been met with a collective “HELL NO” by anyone who remembers the little battery-eating buggers from their first go-round. One Furby can drive a normal adult insane in less than 24 minutes. Imagine what an unholy chorus of 44 of the evil little robots can do.

Anyway, this video shows the guy yammering about his creation in some bizarre accent, then he fires up the hellish machine and plays some music as we see him assemble this obscene musical instrument, acting like some kind of cross between Dr. Frankenstein, Joseph Mengele and Nikola Tesla.  It is grotesquely beautiful, in its own horrifying way.

I suppose the weirdest thing about this video is that I found it while looking for videos on a completely different topic for today’s post. You might see those next week.