Still mining the inspiration of New York City, this week finds your PopCulteer digging out some musty old oil pastels and a small canvas board to knock out a quick study of buildings and light and shadow and stuff. I spent a lot of time looking up back in May when we went to The Big Apple, and this one was done without photographic reference.

I warned you that I’d be doing New York-themed art up into July. Turns out I may even make it into August with this latest batch of work. In the future, art scholars will look at this work as my “New York Period.” Or perhaps they’ll call it a “rut.” More likely, no art scholars will be talking about this at all, but a guy can dream, can’t he?

You can click the image to see it bigger.

Meanwhile, Monday on The AIR, this week we bring you a Monday Marathon of Nigel Pye’s Psychedelic Shack. That starts at 7 AM. At 3 PM Herman Linte’s show, Prognosis, moves back to Mondays, followed by a classic episode at 5 PM, and replays of last week’s Radio Free Charleston and RFC International.  Then at 11 PM we kick it back over to Prognosis, with an eight hour marathon of great progressive rock.

July 1 marks three years since OnTheAIRadio morphed into The AIR, and became the internet radio arm of PopCult. To mark this milestone, we’re tinkering with the schedule and offering brand-new episodes of our afternoon music programming–hopefully for the whole month of July. We’ll tell you about our changes every day this week.

Our internet radio story goes all the way back to November, 2014, when I launched RFC volume three on Voices of Appalachia Radio.

VOA was a grand experiment at providing diverse viewpoints and elements, gathered around Charleston. Unfortunately, VOA was plagued by technical issues that hit just as an on-air station was launching, and most of our programs were courted by said station, and left for the actual airwaves.  You couldn’t really blame them because we were offline at the time.

No offers were ever extended to Radio Free Charleston to make that transition, so I stuck with VOA, and helped relaunch it as OnTheAIRadio. When it became apparent that the new station was going to primarily be my responsibility, I took sole ownership and rebranded it, and that’s where we are now, with The AIR. That’s the remixed logo graphic we ran at the time, updated to keep the URL current.

I’m having loads of fun, and we have somehow cultivated a small, but loyal, worldwide audience. We’re hoping to add some new shows to the schedule soon, too. It’s a good time to be a fan of The AIR. Just breathe it in, and enjoy.

You can listen to The AIR at the website, or on this embedded radio player…