Above you see our third anniversary show.  In honor of Radio Free Charleston’s fifth anniversary show we’re re-visiting our third anniversary show, “Unknown Hinson Shirt,” which was also our 75th episode.  This special show, hosted from the late, lamented LiveMix Studio, featured music by Unknown Hinson and The Pistol Whippers, plus a snippet of Option 22. We also had congratulatory messages from Ann Magnuson, Necro Butcher and Mad Man Pondo (who will both appear in Nitro for IWA East Coast Tuesday Night–enter the contest before Midnight Sunday), Gypsy Joe, Oderous Urungus from GWAR, Kevin Pauley from The No Pants Players (also appearing in Nitro Tuesday Night, and with the entire NPP, The Alban Theater next Saturday), Bull Pain and many others. Enjoy!