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Sunday Evening Video: The Kentuckiana GI Joe EXPO

img_0665The Fourth Annual Kentuckiana GI Joe Expo took place Saturday at the Hilton Garden Inn Louisville Airport in Louisville, Kentucky. We made the trip down with a special mission that didn’t quite pan out, but we still had an incredible time and in the above video, you will see both our mission and get a taste of the cool toy collecting experience and camaraderie that the Kentuckiana GI Joe Expo provided.

The Kentuckiana GI Joe Expo is the brainchild of Steve Stovall, whom you may remember was kind enough to allow me into his home with my cameras back in June. Steve put on a terrific regional show that attracted dozens of dealers and hundreds of collectors not only from Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio, but from far flung locales across the country. There was a crew from Toylanta/Joelanta, the Trenches forum was well represented by Scott and Charlotte Beckmann, and we ran into collectors from Missouri and Illinois and other points. I also know that we were not the only West Virginians among the crowd.

img_0662aMy main mission, which you will hear about in detail in the video, was to get my GI Joe Talking Soldier repaired by none other than master GI Joe voice restorer, Scott Wilde. That’s Scott, seen left after spending most of the day hard at work on my rather aggravating GI Joe. You will see Scott trying to get my Joe speaking normally. For nearly four hours, Scott toiled and I don’t want to give away any surprises, so we’ll just say stay tuned for part two of this saga in 2018.

Next year, The Kentuckiana GI Joe Expo happens on July 28 in the same place, the Hilton Garden Inn Louisville Airport, and we are already planning to return. It was an easy drive down and a real fun experience on a weekend when I really needed one. We will post a photo essay (or three) later in the week right here in PopCult.

Please Note that in his haste to get this video edited and uploaded, your PopCulteer messed up the onscreen email address for the Kentuckiana GI Joe Toy Expo. The proper address is: SAS@KYGIJOE.COM. You can also keep up with the latest news on the EXPO on Facebook.

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