Two old friends of PopCult, Kevin Pauley and Dave Humpreys, have started a new YouTube series where they talk about action figures, with extensive reviews. Heck, Kevin was on the first video episode of Radio Free Charleston eighteen years ago.

As they say in their description, “(This is) The official channel of The Plastic Multiverse, where we talk toys from all dimensions! If you love toy photography or just collecting action figures, this is the place for YOU!” This first episode features an in-depth look at a…dubiously-licensed action figure of Count Duckula.

And since I know a large segment of PopCult readers are toy collectors, I figured it’d be a good idea to share the premiere edition of there show with you.  You can subscribe at the end of the video, or go HERE and bookmark the page to keep up with their new episodes.

And guys, if you ever need a guest to talk about figures from an earlier generation…you know how to get in touch.