stranglersOne of my favoriate bands, The Stranglers, hardly ever tour in America any more. That’s not good because more than forty years in, and almost thirty years since the exit of their original frontman, Hugh Cornwell, The Stranglers are as vital and creative as ever. I posted a version of this concert almost four years ago, but that video was taken down by YouTube. Eventually it was replaced with the even better version you see above.

Still anchored by J.J. Burnel’s epic basslines and David Greenwood’s keyboards, the band is producing progressive punk-influenced rock and roll that can blow most of today’s rock bands off the stage. Drummer Jet Black, now 79, would still play part of the UK shows, but hasn’t appeared on stage since 2015 and is now officially retired.  Jim Macaulay, his former drum tech, had been playing with the band since Black’s illness, and is behind the kit for this show. Baz Warne has been handling guitar duties since 2000, and lead vocals since 2006.

The band is currently touring the UK after a quick jaunt to Australia and New Zealand, but some of those dates have been rescheduled due to the apocalyptic weather they’re having over there. The press for their current tour shows them to still be up to their old attitudes, slightly readjusted for age.

This concert was recorded April 7, 2014, at L’Olympia,Paris, and shows the band running through classic songs as well as tunes from their more recent albums, “Suite XVI” and “Giants.” It’s some pretty meaty stuff, and I’m glad to have it back online for you guys while I make my way back from ToyLanta.