rfc-129From May, 2011, we bring you Radio Free Charleston episode 129, “Adventure Wars Shirt. ” This week we featured music by Blue Million, HARRAH and Ryan Hardiman.  We also had a preview of a great CYAC show, “Airwaves.”  There was animation by Frank Panucci, too.

Before we got too far into the show, there’s animation by Frank, and we ran the promo for this weekend’s East End Yard Sale again, just to be on the safe side.

Our first musical guest is Blue Million. We recorded Alan, Andy and Gary at The Empty Glass. I’ve known Alan Griffith and the guys for more than 25 years, and I’m always in awe of his songwriting and performing prowess. Blue Million treated us to the lead song off of their then-new 6 Song EP, “Down To A Groove.”

Austin Sussman contributed a great promo clip for the CYAC production, “Airwaves,” which people still talk about nearly seven years later.

Our next musical guest was HARRAH.  This is Lee Harrah’s band, and he’s practically family, so going on and on about him would just embarrass the guy. HARRAH unleashes the song, “Green (Day of Rage),” inspired by Lee’s favorite super-hero, The Incredible Hulk.

Playing us out this week was Ryan Hardiman, the winner of Symphony Idol, star of countless local musical productions like “Jack The Ripper” and “Rent,” and a good friend of RFC. We brought you Ryan, backed by Mark Scarpelli, from the 2010 “Good Night” event, performing a great cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” recorded at Trinity Lutheran Church.

You may, if you wish, read the original production notes HERE.