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Sunday Evening Video: The Terra Firma Ensemble

As promised, today we present the entire Kanawha Forum performance from April 9, 2014, by The Terra Firma Ensemble. We have brought you two-thirds of this performance on Radio Free Charleston and the RFC MINI SHOW, but this video collects the entire concert, in order, complete with the entrance and applause.

The Terra Firma Ensemble was recorded at The Kanawha Forum at Kanawha United Presbyterian Church on Quarrier Street. The Terra Firma Ensemble is Jim Lange, David Porter, J. Scott Milam, Lisa Peery, John Inghram and Ryan Kennedy. The Kanawha Forum is a series of Wednesday concerts that offer up free half-hour lunch performances at the church, which are followed by a paid gourmet meal, which is optional.

At this particular edition of The Kanawha Forum, The Terra Firma Ensemble performed three pieces: “Innocente,” by Ralph Towner and Gary Burton; “Invocation,” by Robert Fripp and the world premiere of “Brambles and Briers,” a piece composed by Jim Lange. In this video wel bring you the entire program from The Terra Firma Ensemble’s Kanawha Forum peformance, with all three pieces presented in order.

It was an honor to be present for the world premiere of Jim’s piece, and it is also our honor to bring you the entire concert as our Sunday Evening Video


  1. Ryan Kennedy

    The title of the Robert Fripp piece is not Eye of the Needle. It’s Invocation. My bad!

  2. rudy panucci

    Fixed it. Thanks.

  3. Joe Couture

    I was “pleased as punch” to see my old friend Jim Lange in this video. We went to college together as guitar majors and he was always so much fun to be around and an excellent musician who was always searching and willing to dive into all genres of music. I feel like a proud brother and am beaming from ear to ear! Thank you so much for this presentation!

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