We are just going to hit a few of the many musical highlights in and around Charleston this evening. As usual, there’s way the heck too much happening at the same time. We really need cloning machines.

10269508_286642261498067_9124557894982444150_nBeggar’s Clan brings their extremely cool music to the 13th Lane Taproom at Dunbar Lanes, where you will also find a “Dude Lookalike Contest,” celebrating “The Big Lebowski.” The show kicks off at 9 PM and it’s only five bucks to get in.

The amazing Bluegrass band, The Poor Taters, will appear at The Boulevard Tavern at 10 PM, also with a five-dollar cover. This is a band that has to be heard to be believed, and is a lot of fun.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. You really need to get out and SUPPORT THE LOCAL SCENCE! We have an abundance of incredible musicians in this town. Now we need to provide them with the audience they deserve.