Charleston’s FestivALL is in full swing, and due to other commitments, I don’t think I’ll be able to attend any of the cool events this year. To be honest, my diagnosis with Myasthenia Gravis has put a major damper on attending any outdoor events, and those were the things I really enjoyed the most about FestivALL. Anybody who is willing and able and enjoys art, music, dance and theatre should be taking part in the festivities.

For several years, before it was a paying gig, I was one of the few people shooting and posting video of the events. Luckily, there are plenty of people in town now to record and post all the cool stuff I’ll miss, and if they let me, I’ll re-post their videos here.

This week we look at episodes 161 and 162 of Radio Free Charleston, including music by Red Audio, The Bob Thompson Unit, Andy Park, Emily Burdette, Paul Calicoat, The Boatmen, Ritchie Collins and more. all recorded at FestivAll 2012. You’ll also see the Art Parade, RJ Haddy doing a make-up demo, Ian Bode, Jude Binder and all kinds of other cool stuff. Between both shows there’s over one hour and fifty minutes of fine FestivAll entertainment. So enjoy and expect more next week.