This week we go back to September, 2013 for the very first RFC MINI SHOW featuring Jabberwocky, a Huntington-based dance band that we recorded a couple of weeks earlier at The Blue Parrot. We captured the band performing Eddie Floyd’s “Knock On Wood,” and Stevie Wonder’s “Uptight (Everything’s All Right).”  I don’t believe the band has performed since 2015. At least they haven’t updated their Facebook page since then.

Jabberwocky’s special blend of styles included blues, soul and rock & roll, along with a little southern rock and country. A hint of classical training makes their sound something you won’t hear anywhere else. Ace musicians with great singers and a horn section more powerful than a locomotive,  If anybody has an update on what they’re doing now, please leave a comment.

The RFC MINI SHOW was a spin-off of Radio Free Charleston. It’s little bite-sized bits of musical video goodness to help soothe the pain of the long wait between full-length episodes of Radio Free Charleston. The official story was that it was a way to fill the spaces between full-length episodes of its parent show, but now I can admit that it was actually a way to delay our 200th episode while I came up with something special for our milestone (spoiler alert: I didn’t). The RFC Flashback will present these tiny, single-artist versions of our show in the order in which they appeared, alternating with the full-length shows.