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Sunday Evening Videos: Popeye The Sailor

Above you see “Poopdeck Pappy,” one of the classic Max Fleischer Popeye cartoons.  After the jump, you can see a whole bunch more of these cool cartoons.  Popeye is enjoying a resurgence right now, with a series of books from Fantagraphics reprinting the legendary E.C. Segar “Thimble Theater” comic strips which spawned the one-eyed sailor.

Popeye is also starring in a new book collecting his comic book adventures, as chronicled by the often-overlooked Bud Sagendorf, who took over the strip after Segar’s death. Click “read the ret of this entry” to see more Fleischer Popeye classics!

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  1. Elvis Capone

    Popeye had four nephews, then he had three nephews. Authorities such as child protective services didn’t exist in those days, so the death of the fourth nephew by Popeye’s own hand, enacted in a fit of spinach rage, was not pursued. The three remaining nephews were sworn to menaced silence, but soon they will speak to the world on OPRAH, and the horrors of “Growing Up Popeye” will be made known.

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