img_1763The annual Rod Run Doo Wop car show and Kanawha Boulevard-closing spectacular starts this coming Wednesday, with a cruise-in at Cabela’s. Thursday is when Charleston’s besieged main drag becomes a parking lot for several days as thousands of the coolest-looking cars in the country converge to draw the masses in a huge orgy of automotive car-lust.

It can be lots of fun, despite the crowd, especially if the weather cooperates. This year looks pretty good. The last two years were diminished by rainy days that kept the cars and crowds away. That’s why our videos for tonight are from 2013 and 2014. Those were both great years for attending the show and your PopCulteer took his handy cameras out to document the excessive automotive madness.

This year is a bit of a question mark for video. I’ve stepped away from obsessively shooting and posting video of everything that happens in town, and we’re not sure if we’re even going to brave downtown Charleston now that it’s been over-run with panhanders and other cities’ problem citizens. We may go, and if we do, I’ll at least post some photos. However, if you love cool cars, there’s no place else to be next weekend. Above is the 2013 video. Below is 2014.