The 20th Anniversary Marx Toy Convention happens Friday and Saturday, June 15 and 16 at The Kruger Street Toy and Train Museum in Wheeling, West Virginia. This year there are even some events on Thursday for early arrivals. We will be telling you about the show all week long, and PopCult will be there (we wouldn’t miss it for the world).

Tonight we bring you video from last year’s Marx Toy Convention, along with a couple of bonus clips.

The Kruger Street Toy and Train Museum is an incredible place to visit, a huge building packed full of displays featuring the coolest toys from the last hundred years or so. The top floor is dedicated to toy trains and slot car sets, while the main floor has rooms devoted to dolls, action figures, games, vehicles and more.

Each year they host the Marx Toy Convention to celebrate what was once the biggest toy company in the world, and one that had a major manufacturing plant located in nearby Glen Dale, West Virginia. This annual event is something that your PopCulteer does not intend to ever miss. It’s one of the most fun toy shows in the nation.

Not only will their be dealers selling all kinds of Marx toys, from classic playsets to tin toys to Johnny West, board games and Big Wheels, along with the famous Marx Toy Trains, but you can also wander the museum and look at the coolest toys from your childhood, and maybe your parent’s childhoods.

Regular readers of PopCult probably also know about the Marx Toy Museum in Moundsville, which closed its doors two years ago. This museum, founded by Francis Turner and housing his epic collection, was devoted solely to The Marx Toy Company. Last year, one year after closing its doors, The Marx Toy Company reopened for one night for a special sale, and to announce that the History Channel show, American Pickers had visited the museum after its closing.

When the episode of American Pickers aired last fall, intrest in The Marx Toy Museum and Marx Toys in general spiked. Hit counts on this blog and on the videos I’ve made skyrocketed. The interaction of Mike and Frank with Francis Turner was priceless, as can be seen in this clip…

With interest in Marx Toys at new peak, and with this being the 20th anniversary of the Marx Toy Convention AND with the possiblity that Francis will once again open his museum (located just 12 miles away from The Kruger Street Toy and Train Museum) for after-hours events and sales, this may be the most-attended Marx Toy Convention ever. Check out this video of last year’s after-hours sale…

Check PopCult every day this week for more info on the Marx Toy Convention, and more video from our Marx vaults.