black-thunderbolt-final-boxthumbFor this next pick in the 2016 PopCult Gift Guide we are going to revisit an item that we first recommended last year. Stevo’s Toys is selling very high-quality toy horses, made from the original Marx “Thunderbolt” molds, and right now he’s having a remarkable sale.

Horses, complete with saddle and tack, are only $36. Steve offers them in a variety of styles and with different colors of saddles. Shipping is very reasonable (the more you buy, the better the shipping deal).  Thunderbolt was, of course, Johnny West’s faithful steed, and now this majestic horse has galloped back into action thanks to Steve Corn and Stevo’s Toys. Stevo also has a limited number of horses made using the old Marx “Flame” mold.

giftguide-graphic-smallStevo has put Thunderbolt back into production with the trusty steed and his saddle and gear once again made in the USA, sporting details painted by Stevo, himself. The horses are now available in different paint schemes, with white horses, black horses and Palaminos. As I mentioned, he’s got a terrific sale going on right now.  This is a great deal and shipping is very reasonable. Stevo also sells the tack separately and has other 1/6 gear available on his website.

These horses are the perfect gift for anyone who collects Marx action figures, or anyone who collects 1/6 scale action figures of any kind, like GI Joe, Dragon, World Peacekeepers or even Barbie.