2Create: Art Collaborations in New York City
411ic6pengl-_sy400_bo1204203200_by Yoav Litvin
ISBN-13: 978-0764352652

Here’s the perfect gift for the urban art aficianado on your holiday shopping list. A compact, coffee-table-ish collection of amazing street art from the Big Apple.

This beautifully designed book showcases the work of nine pairs of New York City’s finest graffiti and street artists, delving deep into their backgrounds, techniques, and collaborative processes. Each duo consists of artists with unique styles who come together to create a larger-than-life work of street art in a neighborhood in New York, the birthplace of modern graffiti.

giftguide-graphic-smallWitness the immense creative potential of collaborations that have produced stunning examples of classic graffiti, collage work, screen printing, and murals. Each chapter provides access to a mysterious underworld, leading readers to secretive meetings of creative minds out of which ephemeral, yet nonetheless remarkable, works are born and later transferred onto walls, rooftops, trucks, and subway platforms.

The combination of revealing interviews and colorful action photography produces a narrative arc of relationships―formed between individuals from diverse backgrounds and creative upbringings―that follows the artistic process from creative spark to collaborative masterpiece.

2Create is for the modern art lover on your shopping list–the person who isn’t horrified by the sculpture in front of The Clay Center. You can order this book from any bookseller using the ISBN code, or snag it from Amazon.