wk30200algI’m sure many PopCult readers have someone on their holiday shopping list who desires, nay, even craves, all things cute and cuddly.This is for them. It’s Adoptimals. Originally created as an adjunct to Cabbage Patch Kids, these cuddly critters proved to be so popular that they have cultivated a following of their own. Intended for ages three and up, these are actually pretty great gifts for people who cannot have “real” pets due to allergies or other medical issues.

giftguide-graphic-smallThese 9” furry little friends are back with four new styles for 2016. The Adoptimals are the Cabbage Patch Kids’ best friends and YOU hold the key to their little hearts. They are loaded with cuteness and include pet sounds, phrases and a special heart-shaped locket.

cpk-dogYou can pair them with one of the 14” Cabbage Patch Kids’ heart key bracelet and unlock your pet’s magical locket for lights and a heart beat, or simply collect and play with them all on their own. You can choose from seven different puppies or kittens.

Each Adoptimal includes a bowl and brush. Take the Oath of Pet Adoption and give your Adoptimal a name you choose. Suggested retail price is under twenty dollars and these cute plush animals are available at all major toy retailers.