giftguide-graphic-smallThis is the twelfth time that your PopCulteer has compiled a list of suggest gift ideas for his loyal readers. Time flies when you’re having fun. Today we’re going to look at some notable entries from previous years, because a lot of the ideas on display are still really good ways to make the folks on your holiday shopping list happy.

In 2014 we devoted one day of our gift guide to weird stuff. I’m not talking about run-of-the-mill weird stuff. I’m talking about knit Cthulu Ski Mask-Charlie Manson Fan Club-Edgar Allen Poe Candy-Bigfoot research kit weird stuff. You can see all those items and more HERE.

a6010-charles-manson-fan-club-back-e1417910340759In 2012 we devoted a whole post to local authors Frank Larnerd and Cat Pleska. The Books are still well worth reading, so go check them out HERE. Also in 2012 we told you about some great boxed sets of TV shows that are probably availablue much, much cheaper now. Check those out HERE.

Back in 2010 I suggested a book about the gore comics of Eerie Publications written by Mike Howlett. This is still a great book and a bit of an antidote to typical Christmas fare. It’s still in print and you can read my review of it HERE. Also in 2010 I offered up an entry that revisted past entries in previous editions of The PopCult Gift Guide. That means that this is something I’ll probably do every six years. You can revisit the past of me revisiting the past HERE.

Check back Sunday to see if I can figure out a way to combine the Gift Guide with Sunday Evening Video again.