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There seem to be blogs out there on every topic, so it’s no surprise that there are thousands devoted to animation. We’re going to check in on three Spumco-related blogs today, and we’ll check back with more animation blogs in the coming weeks.

All Kinds Of Stuff is the blog of John Kricfalusi, the creator of Ren & Stimpy and Ripping Friends. John’s blog isn’t just a repository for plugs of his work and upcoming projects, John K. has also been sharing his vast knowledge on animation history and technique. This blog is updated several times a week, and it’s all meat, no filler. John also gets more comments than any other blog we’ve seen. Any prospective animator, or fan of the art form, should bookmark this blog and visit it every day.

Funny Cute is the work of Katie Rice, a Spumco newcomer and protege of John K, who worked extensively on the most recent episodes of Ren & Stimpy. She specializes in drawing cute girls, and shares her work with her readers on a regular basis. Katie’s been doing her blog longer than the other Spumco folks, and it’s a safe bet that she may have inspired the others to claim their own little corner of the blogosphere.

Uncle Eddie’s Theory Corner was just launched last week by legendary animator Eddie Fitzgerald, a longtime John K. cohort, and the possessor of the famous “clean hand” from the days when Nickelodeon fired Spumco from Ren & Stimpy. On this blog, Eddie will share funny drawings, poetry and whatever else he feels like doing. It’s going to be a blog to watch.

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