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The Creeps Magazine Fan Club

The Creeps Magazine Fan Club

Our final gift suggestion today is a slightly goofy, fun and fairly specific gift you can give somebody if they are a big fan of horror comics. Specifically, if they are fans of classic Warren horror comic magazines like Creepy, Eerie or Vampirella, or if they’re fans of the new magazine from Warrant Publishing, The Creeps. As I’ve told you before, The Creeps Magazine is a lovely and affectionate homage to Creepy and Eerie Magazine. Folks of a certain age probably remember these magazine-sized black and white horror comic anthologies that featured intelligent stories and high class art. You could find them on almost any newsstand. Warren Publishing, the folks who gave us Famous Monsters of Filmland, published Creepy and Eerie (and Vampirella and others) from the mid 1960’s into the mid 1980’s.

For a few now, Warrant Publishing has been recreating the magic with this now-quarterly magazine that duplicates the look and feel, down to the fonts and newsprint and some of the creators of the original Warren books. They have just stepped up their game a little in the nostalgia department.

Back in the 1970s, during the heyday of Warren Publishing, they offered a fan club for their magazine’s horror hosts that included a poster, a button and a membership card.

Well, now you can join The Creeps Magazine Fan Club. It’s a lifetime membership, and it’s a great bit of nostalgia, or a happy little gag gift for the horror comics fan on your list. It’s twenty bucks and includes a button, card and mini-poster, plus a membership number. If you don’t think that makes a good gift on its own you can poke around their website and grab a few back issues to toss in to make it a full-fledged gift. Follow the links, or click on the “coupon” below to purchase a fan club membership.

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