Saturday September 16, IWA East Coast, West Virginia’s premiere hardcore wrestling federation(as seen on Radio Free Charleston) will hold TWO tournaments at the South Charleston Community Center. At 2 PM, the Zero G Tournament kicks off with the following high-flying match-ups in the opening bracket:

M-Dogg 20 will face Ruckus; Lotus will take on Chuck Taylor; El Drunko, with Crowza and Woody Numbers, will meet Omega; and TNA star Sonjay Dutt will wrestle Zac Vincent. The finals of the Zero G Tourney will feature the two toughest competitors in a ladder match.

Then, at 7 PM, the Masters Of Pain Invitational kicks off, featuring hardcore lunatics from around the world, competing in a series of twisted contests. Each match will feature a different gimmick, including a bed of nails match, an electrified light tube match, a barefoot thumbtack match, and more beastly match-ups that could make Dr. Mengele wince. The first four matches in this bloodbath of a tournament are the following:

A No Rope Barbed Wire/Mystery Pit match will see Big Japan Star “The Crazy Monkey” Jun Kasai face off against “Mr. Insanity” Toby Klein; The first-ever “Fantastic Four Match” pairs up IWA EC Icon Mad Man Pondo against “The Deranged One” Coke Haine; In the oddly-named “Garden Of Eden” match, Brain Damage takes on Corporal Robinson: and a crowd-pleasing “Fans Bring The Weapons Match” sees 2 Tuff Tony take on JC Bailey.

These tournaments are a huge deal for IWA East Coast. They’re treating this as their “Wrestlemania.” It’ll be interesting to see if local fans have the stamina to sit through a full day of intense wrestling action. The ranks of the local fans will be swelled somewhat by visitors from around the world, as IWA EC reports ticket sales to fans who are coming from Germany, Japan, and California.

There are a variety of ticket prices that cover package deals or tickets to the individual shows. But tickets will now have to be purchased at the door. For more information, check the IWA East Coast website.