Your PopCulteer is tied up working on a magazine article, and was unable to crank out any new radio this week, so Radio Free Charleston and The Swing Shift are reruns this Tuesday, and we’re going to hold the new Psychedelic Shack until next week so that it doesn’t get lost in the sauce, so to speak. You can still listen to great stuff all day long on The AIR, at the website, or on this nifty little embedded player…

The magazine I’m writing the article for is Non Sport Update. That’s the June/July issue at the right. This one should be on the stands for another week or so, and it includes my article on Stranger Things, plus an interview with Saint Albans Native, Joe Chrest, who plays Mike’s dad on the show.

A couple of weeks after this magazine hit the stands, Topps announced that they will be releasing Stranger Things trading cards, which would have been really wonderful to know about back when I was writing the piece about the show for the nation’s leading non-sport trading card magazine.

Because this summer has been so hectic, I have forgotten to plug this issue until now. In about a week, the next issue of Non Sport Update, which includes my article on Star Trek Captain’s Log trading cards should be out. The piece I’m working on now won’t be out until October.

That’s how magazines work, you know.

Anyway, that’s why there’s no new radio shows today, and probably tomorrow. Luckily, the stuff in our vault is so fantastic that it all bears repeated listenings.

Check the full schedule below…