The Aquabats Super Show, which originally aired on The HUB from 2012 to 2014, was the greatest show in television history. I said as much HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE, right in this blog, so you know it’s true.

I even jumped the gun and wrote about how cool it would be when their show debuted in 2008, which it didn’t, but that just made me look more like I was ahead of the time when it finally showed up four years later. I guess you could say I’m a really eager fan.

Now this epic adventure series has a chance to continue.

The Aquabats have started a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to produce a new album and at least one new episode of The Aquabats Super Show. Their goal for that is to raise 1.1 million dollars, and stretch goals of multiples of that can reach as high as producing four albums and a whole season of 12 new episodes.

Why are you not already drowning these guys with money?

The rewards are plentiful, if primarily digital. There are downloads galore, and you could have all of the Aquabats follow you on Twitter or Instagram, or record an outgoing voicemail message, or a private video. You have to kick in more than a hundred bucks to get to the physical objects, like posters, DVD/Blu Ray sets and Paul Frank items, which sort of sucks for those of us who prefer real things to downloads, but it does insure that as much money as possible will go to produce new Aquabats music and Super Shows. The real prize will be more great Aquabats adventures.

At higher levels donors can be extras, actors or executive producers. As we write this, less than one day, the campaign is more than 10 percent funded.

Check out this video, featuring Jack Black and a cast of thousands, some of whom are even recgonizable…

Now, take the time to pledge some money to make the world safe for Aqua-Cadets everywhere and help bring back The Aquabats Super Show!