It seems like just yesterday when I told you about a Kickstarter campaign for Madman’s Ginchy Glider, from The Drawn Word.  Actually, it was early February, but the campaign was a huge success, met all its stretch goals, and just yesterday, I got a decent-sized surprise package filled with Madmaniverse goodies. Since I’ve been a fan of Mike Allred’s for more than thirty years, this was a real treat.

In addition to three Madman gliders, plus a couple of blanks, I also got seven sheets of stickers (so I can customize my gliders), four 3-D postcards (plus a set of 3-D glasses), a metal trading card, the second issue of the Madmania fanzine and…five Duncan Yo-Yos, imprinted with different designs from Madman and his creator, Mike Allred.

It was like Christmas in July…in May.

Here’s a group shot of the goodies (with only one glider shown) and below that, a look at the flip side of the Yo-Yos, which have different designs from the front.


The PopCulteer will return tomorrow, hopefully with a more substantial post. There’s been a lot of real-world intrusions this week, but getting the Madman Ginchy Glider’s certainly brightened up my week.