September seemed to fly by in about five minutes. There was so much stuff going on that I didn’t have time to write any proper recaps. So now, in convenient capsule form, here’s September in Review:

September 2–My Brother’s birthday(celebrated a couple of days early). I cooked dinner, pizza, Italian monster salad, and birthday cake (lemon with chocolate icing). A good time was had by all.

September 7–Mel and I had the cover story on The Gazz, about Danny Boyd’s wrestling show at WVSU.

September 8–Danny Boyd and AWA Apex present “September To Dismember” at the Davis Fine Arts Auditorium at WVSU. It was an incredible night of old-school wrestling. Danny and his partner, Death Falcon, captured the AWA Apex tag-team titles. Also, episode five of Radio Free Charleston, featuring Kevin Duffer and the Appalachian Celtic Consort goes online at GazzTV.

September 9–Mel and I attended a reception for my buddy Eric Pardue’s exhibit at the Frankenberger Art Gallery at the University Of Charleston. Eric does these great mixed media collages that capture frozen stream of consciousness moments with a great balance of humor and a wonderful subdued palette. And the Frankenberger Gallery is a terrific space. It was my first time seeing it.

September 14–Fresh bagged spinach is pulled off of grocery store shelves. Our long national nightmare begins.

September 15–Opening night of the West Virginia Symphony Orchestra’s new season. Mel and I had front-row seats to see virtuoso pianist Yakov Kasman perform Prokofiev. The symphony also treated us to Beethoven and Brahms. It was a great night, and we ran into Sean Richardson, from The Sleeping Dons, there.

September 16IWA East Coast’s day of two tournaments. An amazing day, with the Zero G high-flyers tourney in the afternoon–TNA star Sonjay Dutt captured the Zero G cup–and the Masters of Pain tourney in the evening. “Crazy Monkey” Jun Kasai won the Masters Of Pain cup, and the tournament itself lived up to its billing, with each match featuring an extreme gimmick. You can buy the DVDs of both shows here, but let me warn you about one thing: animal lovers might want to skip the first match. It was a hardcore masterpiece, and it featured one spot that will become legend, and will be talked about for years. The squeamish among you might want to look away from the screen.

Those poor lobsters!

September 21–We taped Professor Mike at LiveMix Studios for episode six of Radio Free Charleston. It was an incredible night and they are an amazing band. We’ll probably have them back for one of our Halloween specials.

September 23–Mel and I went to see Jackass Number Two. It was gut-bustingly funny, but less so than the first movie. Seemed to be an awfully gay movie, though, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

September 25My Z debuted on Suddenlink, a few days ahead of schedule. Needs more local programming.

September 28–Season debut of Smallville on The CW. Just in time to wash the taste of “Superman Returns” away. This is the real Superman.

September 29–“The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare (abridged)” at the Labelle Theater in South Charleston. Everyman Players put on an extremely entertaining evening at one of our favorite local venues. After the show, we ran over to The Sound Factory to catch Professor Mike. We had to call it an early night and take off before the Mikes took the stage, but we were quite impressed with the show that A Place Of Solace put on. Earlier in the day, episode six of RFC, with Professor Mike and Two Watts Of Power goes online at GazzTV.

September 30–The reason we had to leave the show early was that we had a wedding to attend the next day. Area wrestler Atrocity tied the knot with his lovely bride, and we ended the month on a romantic note. Later that night, the new season of Saturday Night Live debuted. Dane Cook continues to impress me by managing to be the complete antithesis of funny. I’ve laughed more at funerals.

October will be spent napping.