11999564_828326753949042_4928971145741933952_oGet ready for a trip to Transylvania as The ShockaCon Horror Show devotes almost 80 minutes to the pogo punk power of the The Renfields, who will perform at ShockaCon Saturday night, September 19. This band of monsters discuss their history during a panel hosted by Nick Harrah, and then tear through four great songs at the end of the show. It’s all introduced by Evil Lee Harrah (no relation).

You can listen to The ShockaCon Horror Show in this neat little widget HERE, or at Voices of Appalachia.

ShockaCon 4 happens September, 18, 19 and 20 at The Beni Kedem Shrine Center on Quarrier Street in Charleston (between The Charleston Civic Center and The Fifth Quarter). This year’s guests include Bai Ling, Ari Lehman (the first “Jason”), plus TV stars from American Horror Story, The Walking Dead and Mountain Monsters. There will also be vendors, musicians, magicians, cosplayers and even burlesque.

Until September 17, every weeknight,  PopCult and at Voices of Appalachia will present The ShockaCon Horror Show, presenting archival material from previous editions of Charleston’s premiere Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy convention.  We hit the homestretch Monday with a show featuring Dr. Who: Regenerated.

And if you want to see the Renfields in action,  just watch this week’s RFC MINI SHOW…