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September 11, 2015

It’s an unnumbered and random week of short items in the PopCulteer this week, and we are trying out a new Mini-Podcast format for STUFF TO DO, just scroll on down the post.


The Halloween Season in Charleston has its unofficial start next weekend with the arrival of ShockaCon 4 at The Beni Kedem Shrine Center on Quarrier Street, near the Charleston Civic Center. As you may have noticed, if you’ve been paying attention, PopCult and Voices of Appalachia have teamed up to bring you an event podcast, The ShockaCon Horror Show, hosted by Lee Harrah, which will run every weeknight up until ShockaCon kicks off.

12002401_826588610789523_2000148498833364177_oUsually the show debuts at 9 PM, but tonight’s special edition starring The Renfields, will turn up around 5 PM, so that you can listen to more than an hour of the history and music of Transylvania’s kings of Horror-Punk before you head out for the evening.

The ShockaCon Horror Show will then return Monday at 9 PM. We will tell you more about ShockaCon every day next week.

A Truly Awful Movie: The Sequel

Manos-TshirtBelieve it or not, someone is actually trying to raise money to make a sequel to Manos: The Hands of Fate, the movie so bad that, thanks to the crew at MST3K, it has toppled Plan 9 From Outer Space as the worst movie ever made. Jackey Raye Neyman Jones,who played “Debbie” in this 1966 abomination, is raising money to fund Manos Returns, which will answer all of the burning questions left over from the original film, which made hardly any sense. The T shirt is pretty sharp-looking, and the movie can’t help but be hilarious on some level, at least. If you’re interested, and want a T shirt before it winds up on RFC, check out the Manos Returns website.

Renfields Overload

There is no such thing as Renfields overload! Check out the ShockaCon Horror Show podcast tonight, see them live a week from Saturday at ShockaCon and watch them on this week’s RFC MINI SHOW…right here!

Viral Curiosity

Of the almost five hundred videos that I’ve posted to YouTube, I have no idea why this one is the one to go viral…

The Mystery of the Missing Book Review

We had a great book review planned for yesterday, but at the last minute the publication of said book was delayed until early next year. It’s cool to run a review in advance of a book being published, but not that far in advance. So we tucked it away in a file and will run at a more appropriate time.


This week I decided to try something new. Instead of writing out a bunch of Stuff To Do for this weekend, I put together a mini-podcast. It’s eight minutes of me telling you about cool stuff you can do in and around Charleston this weekend. The reason is, I talk much faster than I type, so if you want to hear me tell you about the cool things in town, just listen to this widget HERE.

I will still post flyers below, but this way I can include events that don’t bother to make graphics to plug their events. We’ll see how well this works out. If you like the mini-podcast, mention it in the comments.










That’s it for this week. Next week expect mega-doses of pre-ShockaCon coverage, as well as our regular features.