Starting this week, The RFC Flashback will depart from the strict chronological presentation of the history of Radio Free Charleston so that we can restore and re-present some of the episodes of the show that have been missing in action…in some cases for more than ten years. In fact, four of our first 100 episodes are still missing. I don’t have copies, and if anybody out there managed to download episodes 21, 66, 79 or 80, I would be extremely happy to get copies of those.

This week we go back to our second episode, from July 2006.  This one has been available, but is harder to find. YouTube flagged it and gave it the boot for our inclusion of, ironically enough, scenes from an unlicensed Batman movie from the Phillipines. However, Vimeo didn’t give a rat’s ass, so it’s bee tucked away there for some time. Now we represent it for you.

This episode is called “RVD Shirt, named after the then-current ECW and WWE champion, Rob Van Dam. Shortly after I got the shirt (a matter of hours, really), Mr. Van Dam drove into a speedtrap near Ironton, Ohio, which is not advisable when you are indulging in fine smokables of an illicit variety. RVD dropped both championships and was escorted from the company shortly thereafter.

This was when the show was still in its infancy, and originating from the much-missed LiveMix Studio. Our musical guests were a solo Stephen Beckner (currently in the band Speedsuit) and The Sleeping Dons, which was Sean Richardson, Deron Sodaro and Jay Lukens. We had animation from Brian Young and Frank Panucci, and ended the show with one of my favorite jokes, which is now fourteen years out of date, but it still qualifies as “mind-hurting weirdness.”

Next week, if YouTube cooperates, we will bring you an episode of the show from 2007 that hasn’t been seen anywhere in four or five years.