YouTube’s technical issues with providing embed codes are subsiding this morning, but not for the video that I had intended to bring you today, so instead you will get Rick Wakeman in concert in Cuba from 2005.

It’s pretty dang cool, and I’ve got Wakeman on the mind while waiting for his new album, The Red Planet, which I told you about Friday. It’s due out next week, and since I already posted the latest video up from that project, here’s this to punch your prog-rock buttons.

The CD and DVD are currently out of print, so this is the only way to watch this great performance that includes songs from Wakeman’s acclaimed solo albums as well as some of his soundtrack work and his solo take on a YES classic.

Check out the info…

In April 2005, at the personal invitation of Fidel Castro and the Swiss foundation, Association Friends of Cuba, Rick Wakeman and the New English Rock Ensemble performed a mammoth sell-out concert in the Karl Marx Theatre in Havana, Cuba.

1. Journey To The Centre Of The Earth
2. The Recollection / The Spaceman
3, Catherine Parr
4. The Visit / The Return Of The Phantom
5. Jane Seymour
6. Shed Building
7. King Arthur
8. Cathedral Of The Sky
9. Merlin The Magician
10. Starship Trooper / Würm

“Made in Cuba” presents Rick Wakeman with his band the ‘New English Rock Ensemble’ performing to a capacity crowd live at the Karl Marx Theatre in Havana, Cuba. In April 2005, invited by the Ministry of Culture, the Cuban Music Institute and the Swiss Foundation, “Association Friends of Cuba” – Rock Keyboard legend Rick Wakeman travelled to Havana, to perform a series of concerts that will forever be recognised internationally as an enormous event for the Cuban people, and a historic moment marked by the importance of one of the first and largest official Rock Concerts ever to be performed on the island.