This week we are departing from our usual chronological presentation of the Radio Free Charleston video shows to bring you something a little more recent, and a little more special.

At the end of 2018, after the video show became pretty much an annual event, I put together a show with music from Brooke Brown, The Velvet Brothers, and from Chicago, Alan Gresik and The Swing Shift Orchestra. I also animation from Third Mind Incarnation and Frank Panucci.

I also shot many of the host segments in front of Charly Hamilton’s epic mural on Charleston’s West Side. We lost Charly this week, and I told you a little bit about him on Wednesday, but I thought it might also be nice to show off some video I shot of his mural. This was a few months before Charly undertook a restoration project to restore the lower parts of the mural that had been worn off, but you can still see plenty of Charly’s brilliance on display behind my ugly mug.

It was a big part of a really special show.