This week we go back to the last week of 2009 for a Radio Free Charleston video show loaded with cool music from WATT 4, Eva Elution and Drop Ded Phred, plus a Kitty Killton film by Scott Elkins, animation and for reasons I don’t quite remember, a promo spot that I made for my late friend, Garry Douglas, who was promoting a Blues concert series at his local pub.

Garry was a fellow action figure collector, and asked me to do a video for him, and  since he was such a big fan of Radio Free Charleston. I did the spot, and then I guess I stuck it in this episode just for the heck of it. If that doesn’t seem odd, Garry lived in London, and the club was in the West End. He even told me that I nailed the accent, although he may have just been being kind.

Garry passed away a couple of years after this, and I’d completely forgotten about this until a couple of years ago when I was remastering the show for its new upload. It was cool to remember my friend, the Action Man collector.

You can read the original production notes HERE.