Image2We are proud to feature The Possum Kingdom Ramblers this week on The RFC MINI SHOW. This group is possibly the second-most genuine Bluegrass band that we’ve had on Radio Free Charleston, and we were lucky enough to capture them on the dealer’s floor at JoeLanta, the way-cool GI Joe convention in Atlanta that we’ve been writing about in PopCult for weeks now.

This is a special presentation in honor of our mid-week holiday. The band tackles the old Bluegrass chestnut, “Seven Nation Army” and weaves many other traditional mountain music tunes in and out of it, creating a fairly epic twelve-minute masterpiece.

Also in honor of the midweek holiday, and as a fitting tribute for this performance, we made the trek to Anderson, South Carolina to shoot our host segment in front of one of the most culturally significant icons that the South has produced.

We hope you enjoy this particularly dignified episode of The RFC MINI SHOW.